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Sale/Auction: Shin Nippon 52 MW Steam Turbine Only - New Surplus

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2010 Shin Nippon 52 MW Steam Turbine


Qty 1: Shin Nippon 52 MW Steam Turbine Only - New Surplus
Type: Horizontal, impulse, muti-stage, multi-valve, axial flow, geared double casing & bleed extractions re-heated condensing turbine.
Rated output: 52,000 kW (52 MW)
HP Turbine Output: 14,600 kW
LP Turbine Output: 38,300 kW
Total Output from Turbine: 52,900 kW
Operating Conditions:
Speed (HP turbine/generator): 5000/3600 RPM
      (LP turbine/generator): 3600 RPM
Inlet Steam Pressure: 1400 PSIG
Inlet Steam Temperature: 730 Deg. F
Max. 1st extraction press.: 489 PSIG
 (Un-controlled extraction)
HP Exhaust/2nd extraction: 310 PSIG
LP Inlet Steam Temp.: 730 Deg. F
Max. 3rd extraction press.: 80 PSIG
 (Un-controlled extraction)
Max. 4th extraction press.: 20 PSIG
 (Un-controlled extraction)
Exhaust Steam Pressure: 2.7 InHgA

Rated Inlet Flow: 479,500 Lb/Hr.
Rated 1st Extraction Flow: 31,135 Lb/Hr.
Rated 2nd Extraction Flow: 33,088 Lb/Hr.
Rated 3rd Extraction Flow: 46,968 Lb/Hr.
Rated 4th Extraction Flow: 43,197 Lb/Hr.
Rated Exhaust Steam Flow: 324,622 Lb/Hr. @ 2.7 inHgA


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