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Sale/Auction: Paper Mill Liquidation- ECH Will Pemco Sheeters (2) - SOLD!

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 ECH Will Pemco 8 Pocket Cut-Size


EC Will Sheeters

(2) Will 8 pocket Cutsize Sheeters with shaftless backstands and full cartoning line includes:
Pockets Across:      #3W 8 pocket        #C4  8 pocket
Max Width Trim:      #3W 68                  #C4   68
Min Slit Width:         #3W 8-1/2             #C4   8-1/2
Max Slit Width         #3W  11                 #C4   14
Pref Edge Trim       #3W   3/4               #C4   3/4
Core Chucks          #3W  3,5,6             #C4   3,5,6
Cutsize for Palletizing and Packaging
Full Cartons           #3W  135               #C4   135
1/2 Carton              #3W  60                 #C4   60
Max Cutsize Tons per 24 hours    #3W 135    #C4  135


3.  Involvo:  Involvo Folio Sheet Carton Pack Line/Columbia Palletizer installed in 1990, Schneider De-Stacker installed in March 1996.  Schneider/Function Control sheet count camera system installed 2005. Involvo carton pack line maximum capacity of 4 carton per minute or 240 cartons per hour.   Automatic Size changes, and automated hot melt glue system.  Paragon labelers upgraded in 2005.  Manual size changes at Columbia Palletizer.  Power Requirements: Involvo/Schneider Destacker/Columbia Palletizer: 460V AC, 60 Hz, 3 Phase.  Control Voltage: 120 V AC, 60 Hz., 24V DC.
4.  Acme:  Acme/Signode Skid Wrap Line.  11 Station/2 Signode steel strap head Acme skid wrap line.  Upgraded to steel strap heads in 1992.  Power Requirements:  480V, 60Hz., 3 Phase.
5.  Polar Trimmer:  Polar Model 155E, installed in 2004, cutting width 155 cm/61”.  Clamp opening 16.5 cm/6.5”.  Feed depth 155 cm/61”.  Automatic in feed gripper/Automatic out feed de-stacker.   Supply voltage 190-240V, Fusing 35A.
6.  Lawson Trimmer: Lawson Pacemaker 111 Cutter installed 1974.  Cutting width 69”/172.5 cm.  Clamp opening 6.5”/16.5 cm.  Feed depth 78”/195 cm.  Manual generic de-stacking table, manual Southworth un-stacking discharge table.  Power Requirements: 480V, 60Hz., 3 phase.
7.  Jagenberg Vari-Roll Single Drum Rewinder:  Installed in 1990.  Backstand specifications: Minimum/Maximum roll width 12” to 95”.  Minimum/Maximum roll diameter 20” to 60”, Load capacity of stands 13,200 lbs.  3 and 5” core chucks.  Power Requirements:  480V, 60Hz., 3 Phase, Control Voltage 120 V AC. 
Winder Specifications:  Machine slits and rewinds various grades of paper with a basis weight between 58-165 grams per square meter.  Maximum operating speed is 2286 m/min, Maximum unwind diameter 2667 mm, maximum rewind diameter 1500 mm, 6 Slitters, diameter of center drum is 985 mm.  3 Rewind stations.  Power Supply: 480V, 60 Hz.


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