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Sale/Auction: Nash XL-80 Vacuum Pump Stainless Steel - SOLD!

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 Nash XL-80


Nash XL-80 Vacuum pump

Flange Size is 3x4

HP Range @ 22" HG: 15-34

CFM Range @ 22" HG : 245-480

Unit is 316SS

Basic Specs

Vacuum range 0-29 in Hg vac. / to 33 mbar abs.
Mechanical seals * Single, double and cartridge
Differential pressure capability 30 psi / 2 bar
Compressor pressure 30 psig / 3 bar abs.
Hydrotest pressure 150 psig / 11 bar abs. standard
(225 psig / 16 bar abs. optional)
Construction material Ductile iron, stainless steel
Basic specifications

* Mechanical seals are standard on stainless steel XL 35 - XL 150 models.

Vectra XL incorporates
several unique parts for the chemical processing industry, the entire
Vectra line shares many common parts to provide maximum efficiency
and optimum value. Key elements of the design are the improved
cone angles, which decrease the size of the pump and nash_elmo's
patented Gas Scavenging Technology, which dramatically improves
pump performance at high vacuum levels.

 The liquid ring pumps produced by Nash and Siemens (elmo) have been known
for nearly 100 years as powerhouses, designed to stand up to the rigorous, nonstop
demands of the harshest industrial environments. With the formation of
nash_elmo in 2002, we have combined our product lines to enable us to offer the
highest performance, reliability and efficiency in every product class. The L_700
Vectra XL meets that standard.
The L_700 Vectra XL vacuum pumps and compressors are created specifically for the
chemical processing industry. They combine the highest standard of reliability
with a new level of ingenuity. nash_elmo employs advanced design technologies
to achieve optimum performance and unprecedented production efficiencies.
Production efficiencies ultimately passed on to our customers in the form of
unique value and unequaled performance.
The L_700 Vectra XL pumps have been designed from the ground up, based on customer
defined market requirements. The multidisciplinary design process relied on
input from R&D, manufacturing, marketing and most importantly our customers –
the chemical process engineers. The result: a revolutionary line of pumps tough
enough to be branded nash_elmo.
Durability is only one important aspect. All L_700 Vectra XL models incorporate a
simple modular concept with interchangeable parts that result in a high level of
adaptability. These pumps also include technological advancements such as a
patented new cone design and a new rotor configuration. The machines can be
used in applications discharging against positive back pressure.
nash_elmo L_700 Vectra XL pumps meet high combustible range standards and
are ATEX certified. These vacuum pumps and compressors are in accordance with
guideline 94/9/EG, category 1 and 2. Further on the L_700 Vectra XL was designed
with API 681 specifications in mind.
Overall, the L_700 Vectra XL models are the result of painstaking engineering
and the use of finite element analysis, which determines the most efficient
means to achieve the highest level of performance and the greatest
possible value. A world class design.

 Reactor vacuum
 Vacuum distiller
 Evaporator vacuum
 VCM recovery
 Vacuum filtration
 Explosive & corrosive gas compression
 Solvent recovery
 Methane extraction & boosting

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