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Sale/Auction: Maxson 57" Sheeter-SOLD!

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  57" MSH


Maxson MS Series Sheeter
The Vintage? 1989

Exact model number? 57" MSH
Overall sheeter width? 57

How many backstands? 4 shaftless
Does it have a cross-cutter knife? yes
Does it have upper and lower slitter units? Yes, Tidland Performance II
What type of packaging line: IE, Carton and or box
line, what type and name? Southworth, carton,
What type of downstream equipment? Benjey gluer Southworth conveyors
Is there a pelletizer and what type and name? Southworth
Is the sheeter fully automated? No-auto splice,  yes-continuous run,
Is there automatic Jumbo Roll Change (fly splice)? no
Does it have an automatic system for pallets? No, manual operation
Are there machine manuals and drawings, along with the
installation drawings? yes
Does it have an Auto adjustable knife to determine?
the length and does it have auto speed? Length and speed by computer,
drive system
Does it have any rewinders? no
Largest cut sheet is 56"W x 50"L
Shortest is 12"L

There are 4 Tidland class 2 slitters with the machine.

 As far as spares, there is a spare draw roll, squeeze
roll, 2 spare DC drive motors, parts for the chucks, brake pads, encoders, and odds and ends

Spare Parts:

Has spare draw roll, squeeze roll, 2 DC Drive motors, etc.

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