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Sale/Auction: L&W TSO Tester with Sample Trimmer -SOLD!

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 Lorentzen & Wettre 150


 L&W TSO Tester

Code: 150

S/N:  419


Method: Ultrasonic Propagation speed in the plane of the sheet

Measuring Tims: 6 Seconds per test Point

Distance Between Measuements: 10-2000 mm


Grammage: 20-500 g/m


L&W Sample Trimmer

Code: 149

Type: 3745922

No: 2020



L&W TSO Tester is an ultrasonic instrument for measuring Tensile Stiffness Index (TSI) and the Tensile Stiffness Orientation (TSO) properties on sheets and cross machine paper samples.
In the QC shift laboratory the results are used to predict the performance of paper, in a sheeting process, multicolour printing process, laser copying machines, and corrugated board manufacture. It is also an ideal tool for process optimization, as it allows you to take early action in the headbox, press and dryer, saving raw material, as well as time.
Correlation to strength propieties such as RCT and SCT can also be performed


Sample Trimmer

With L&W Sample Trimmer, you can cut a 300 mm wide sample strip from most paper or board samples. This sample can then be tested in L&W Autoline 300 or L&W TSO Tester.

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