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Sale/Auction: High Speed Washer

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2012  High Speed Washer


1. Structure

The high speed washer thickener can be considered as the reference high speed double nip thickening machine, using a synthetic wire for the most efficient removal of small ink particles, fillers and other contaminants smaller than 100m. The unit's design is simple, very compact and offers high capacity with through washing.

2. Working Principle and Performance

Pulp is injected between the first nip(formed by a grooved breast roll) and the wire, resulting in high stock feed capacity. The stock is deposited on the wire and dewatered around the breast roll, traveling to the couch roll where it is dewatered the second time to produce highly washed and thickened stock up to 15% consistency. A doctor balde removes the thickened stock from the couch roll into a screw conveyor, which deischarges the stock from the washer.

3. Strong Points

Deinking and ash fines removal from deinking pulp. High speed operation, Excellent washing efficiency and thickening. Compact design, Low fiber loss, lower operating costs. More details, just feel free to contact us.

 Type   ZNG1     ZNG1.5  ZNG2 
  Inlet Consistency(%)    0.8-1.5
 Outlet Consistency(%)    10-15
 Production Capacity(t/d)  30-80   45-120   60-150
 Power of Motor    30  45  55

Fore more details, please feel free to contact us at chris@yichimachinery.com



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