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Sale/Auction: Complete Recycle Liner Board Mill -SOLD!

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 Escher Wyss 9 Cylinder


Complete Recycle Gypsum Board Liner Mill Available with OCC 


Gypsum Board 9 Cylinder Machine complete with
Ultra-Modern OCC  Plant


 Modern upgrades throughout the mill! 

Paper Mill Surplus in conjunction with Surplus Paper Equipment Liquidation


The following Recycle 9 Cylinder Mould Board Paper Mill located in San Leando, CA is being offered exclusively by:

Paper Mill Surplus LLC and Surplus Paper Equipment

                                                                         Reel & Board Paper (Product)  

A fully integrated paper mill including a recycled fiber plant and a nine cylinder board machine. The mill has a capacity of making up to 250 TPD of heavy weight board from recycled OCC waste. The mill was making up to 9 Ply face and back side paper for Gypsum Board Manufacturing. The paper machine has been well maintained and had numerous upgrades over the years, including ABB VFD drives capable of machine speeds of 1000 FPM. The wet end trim is 118"; Dry end reel trim is 112". Complete mill spares are also available.
The paper machine includes 9 (Nine) Cylinder Moulds, three presses sections, 104 dryers, a calendar, reel, winder slitter and all the associated equipment such as refiners, screens, pumps, and 60 HZ electrical systems.

The machine was making from 46# to 65# Gypsum face & back paper, some successful trials on CoverMax, new product 65#. 

The recycle fiber plant is capable of processing 250TPD of OCC. It includes, upgraded Valmet pressure screens and Beloit DD4000 refiners, pulpers and associated equipment.

Also available with the plant are all the working systems for a complete operating mill, such as electrical transformers and a water treatment system

Most of the machinery has been upgraded or Rebuilt after 1996. 

                                                                                              Cylinder Moulds (9)

                                                                                    Cylinder Moulds 3 Upgraded

                                                                                              Cylinder Machine Screens BC Mini 550 (9)

                                                                                                                        Main Press

                                                                                                               2nd Press Section

                                                                                                                        3rd Press


                                                                                                                             Dryer Section

                                                                                                                       Color Kitchen

                                                     Hydraulics                                                                                                           Drives

              Gear Box with Drive System, for Press Section                                                                                        Vacuum Pump

                                            Calendar Stack                                                                                                            Calendar Stack

                                Quality Control System                                                                                                Quality Control System

                                                 Winder   Slitter                                                                                                             Winder Slitter
                                                                                                                      Winder Slitter

                                   Beloit 38 DD4000 Refiner                                                                                                Beloit 38 DD4000 Refiner   
                                                                                                    Machine Pumps & Fan Pumps

                                                      HD Pulper                                                                                                                      Pulper

                                         Pulper Conveyor                                                                                                                 Pulper Clamshell

                          Black Clawson Number 3 Pulper Drive                                                                                                   Pulper

                                                         OCC                                                                                                                            OCC

                                        Valmet Metso Screens for OCC                                                                      Valmet Metso Screens for OCC

                                  Valmet Metso Screens for OCC                                                                                      HD Cleaners for OCC

                                               Vacuum Pump                                                                                                            HD Cleaners for OCC

                                                  Transformers                                                                                                          DAF Clarifier for Water Treatment

                                         Transformers                                                                                                                       Power Generator

                                                           OCC                                                                                                                OCC
                                            Water Treatment                                                                                                                Water Treatment
                               Black Clawson Guillotine                                                                                                                 Upenders

                                     SeBright Compactor for OCC                                                                                                                    OCC



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