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Sale/Auction: Black Clawson 36 PSPH Selectifier Screen -SOLD!

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 Kadant PSPH


 Black Clawson Model 36PSPH Screen

Like New 4 Foil Rotor

Like New Screen Basket: .35MM   6 SPI    CP

Serial Number: 88-7187-S

• Model and Size: “Black Clawson” PS-36
• Mass throughflow: Up to 220 TPD
• Feed stock consistency: 1.0–1.5 %
• Screen dimension: I.D. 909. x 1086mm x 10mm
• Slot width: As required
• Total screen area: 3.10 sq.m
• Rotor type: Foil Rotor
• Rotor speed: 274 rpm
• Motor rated power: 90 kw
• Operating pressure: 2.5 bar
• Pressure drop: 0.3 bar
• Drive: V-belt driven with motor and machine pulleys

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