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Sale/Auction: Beloit M-R 24 Screen - SOLD!

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 GL&V M-R 24


Beloit M-R 24 Screen

Serial: SM-564

 Shop Order: 922504A-62

Customer PO: 19918

Nominal Accepts: 4,000-6,000 GPM

Open Area: 12.6%

Hole: 8

For approach flow screening applications, GL&V has the Beloit M and M-R screens. The M Series Low Pulse Screen offers minimum pressure variation to the headbox and the M-R Screen can be fitted a rotor specifically tailored to your application.

 For recycle applications, GL&V is able to offer Stingray rotor upgrades to most of our competitor’s screens. Beloit M and M-R screens are used throughout the recycle pulping industry and the Maule Separplast is an efficient final stage screen designed to recover the maximum amount of usable fiber from coarse screen rejects


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