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Sale/Auction: Ahlstrom Andritz F-4 Moduscreen - SOLD!

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 Andritz Ahlstrom F-4


AHLSTROM F4 MODUSCREEN 0.006" continuous wedgewire basket Capacity on 100 csf and 210 rpm is approx 250 tons/day

 Capacity up to 700 tpd

Manufacture Number: 1171

Built: 1995

1170 RPM
- Thick stock screening
- Broke screening
- Recycled fiber pulp
- Chemical pulp

Feed cons.: 0 - 5%
Reject dilution: Depending on the application
Seal water: 0,04 - 0,06 l/min
Seal water pressure: min. 10% higher than pulp inlet pressure
Max. operating pressure: 6 bar

Unit is All 316SS 

Motor is GE 200 HP

1190 RPM

575 Volt

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